The Flowers of Therese O’Keeffe

The Flowers of Therese O’Keeffe

By Kaymir Stark

Let us introduce you to the vibrant work of Therese. The bright, yet soothing colours are a feast for the eye. Her paintings have the Irish countryside written all over it. With great pleasure we bring you a few words from the very kind Therese O’Keeffe. 

Hi Therese, for our readers who do not know you, could you introduce yourself a bit?
I’m an irish artist, from the southwest of Ireland, a place called Killarney. I started painting as a hobby, not knowing whether i would enjoy it or not. I quickly realised that not only did i love it but it gave me a huge sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness. I’m really family orientated and paint to bring beauty into other people’s homes and families.

Therese O'Keeffe - Colourful Dreams

Flowers seem to play a special role in your work, where does that love for flowers come from?
I have always lived in the countryside and flowers and hedgerows are an integral part of that.  Painting flowers allows me to interpret natural beauty creatively and its a good subject that gives me freedom to take artistic licence to explore abstract and impressionist styles in an intuitive way.  Also I love flower paintings in a kitchen because i think it brings the outside in.

Therese O'Keeffe - In the Long Grass

What are you working on right now?
Right now i am getting ready for some local christmas exhibitions, touching up pieces that I have been working on all year. They are mostly flowers and some landscapes. some painting are never finished! Also I paint a Christmas card every year for family and customers.

Therese O'Keeffe - Beautiful Budleia

Do you have any favourite places to paint?
I love to paint in my kitchen or garden, the weather normally dictates where this happens! Light is so important and can really influence what i paint.

Therese O'Keeffe - Walking Through Autumn

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
The best advice i got was to believe in myself and success will come, sometimes it can be hard when i haven’t sold anything in a few months but i work at not getting disheartened, and remind myself that I’m doing what  I love and selling work is a happy bonus, then i forget all of it when i sell a few again, i also thing its important not to compare yourself to others, each artist is unique.

Therese O'Keeffe - To the Waters and the Wild

What can we expect from Therese in the future?
I’ll still paint with oils and find inspiration from the work of other artists and nature. I really enjoy creating something new so will keep exploring more abstract ways to paint and express natures beauty in even more beautiful ways.

About Therese O’Keeffe

An irish artist, from the southwest of Ireland. She started painting as a hobby, not knowing whether she would enjoy it or not. She quickly realised that it gave her a huge sense of satisfaction, fulf...View profile