Straight from Paris: Vincent Sannier

Straight from Paris: Vincent Sannier

By Anik Labreigne

Every big cities has their inner secret talents. Paris is one amongst those who have many – including Parisian born and raised photographer Vincent Sannier. From shooting portraits of some eternal legends in the fashion industry like Yves Saint Laurent to working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, Vincent is constantly delivering amazing photography in his own style.

Let’s have a little chat with him, shall we?

'Catherine has weapon' by Vincent Sannier
‘Catherine has weapon’ by Vincent Sannier

How did it all start?

My dad used to collect cameras as an amateur, he had so many of them, they were all over the place.. I guess photography was part of my life since I was born. I’ve been published for the first time when I was 17.

When I started to go out, I was always travelling with a camera on me, taking snaps of people around me. Then a lot of my friends were working in the fashion industry, so I managed to score a few passes to fashion events like Paris Fashion Week where I was shooting behind-the-scenes. I got spotted by the fashion editor of the Greek L’Officiel magazine who asked me to shoot a portrait backstage, of the famous Italian fashion designer Anna Molinari. Following our encounter, she asked me to do a series of portraits and here I was! She threw me in this fashion world like no one, I was lucky enough to have some of my pictures published in some of the most high-end fashion publications around the world.

Juliette & The licks - BATACLAN avril 2007, Paris
Juliette & The licks – BATACLAN avril 2007, Paris

Have you always been based in Paris?

I’ve travelled but Paris has always been a big influence on me. Paris is a quite small city that you can compare to a big village. It’s dense but in general Hausmanian buildings are not so high and the streets are quite small for most of them. I feel the city in my blood. I love Paris as much as i hate it. Paris is like a woman to me.

Las Vegas 14
‘Why lie, I need beer’ by Vincent Sannier, Las Vegas
'The Rapture'  by Vincent Sannier
‘The Rapture’ by Vincent Sannier

What do you shoot with?

I use a Canon5D for certain things but otherwise, I have a Pentax 6×7, a hasselblad x-pan, a canon EF, 2 Kiev 6×6 in medium format, a Nikon f4, and a chamber sinar f2 4x5inch. For some of my clients, I sometimes hire some ultra high-resolution digital imaging systems like Imacon.

What do you love to shoot?

I love shooting subjects that have sensuality, sensibility and femininity. Also those who are hard to define, who like danger and take risks. Aesthetic and quality are very important, people feel comfortable with me so I guess Im always trying to get the reflection of their inner personality.

'Nina Lilly' by Vincent Sannier
‘Nina Lilly’ by Vincent Sannier

Anyone you’d like to shoot that you haven’t already?

QUEEN ELIZABETH! I want to take her portrait before she dies!

I guess fashion and music go hand in hand. What do you listen to?

I love all kind of music basically but i’m more into electropop as it’s music of our time and modernity. Some sounds that are on heavy rotation would be POLIÇA, KOUDLAM, BROTHERTIGER, PLANNINGTOROCK or ELPERRO DEL MAR. Music is as much a passion as photography is – and beautiful girls.

PS – Sucking balls and backhanders are what i hate the most on this earth and i fight it everyday.

Paris, France, 2006, DJ Mehdi by Vincent Sannier
Paris, France, 2006, DJ Mehdi by Vincent Sannier