Spam! With Bustart

Spam! With Bustart

By Arden de Raaij

It would be of no surprise if the name Bustart rings a bell. This versatile street artist from Basel has been dominating the streets of Amsterdam for quite some time now! You can’t walk the streets without seeing his stickers, stencil art, paste-ups or pieces. His street art is not limited to any medium and he always comes up with someting surprising. But enough from us, enjoy the interview with Bustart!

by Bustart
by Bustart

What were you doing the moment you received these questions?

Sitting in the atelier and having a beer

Which cartoons did you watch as a kid, and which were your favorites?

Simpsons (fav), captn future, futurama, inspector gadget

What is your favorite gaming character ?

One from Crime Fighters

R2D2 stencil by Bustart

What got you into to streetart, and what makes you keep on doing it?

I wasn’t into the graffiti biz with its hating anymore and street art gives me more possibilities to express my thoughts and feelings. What keeps me on doing it? It’s en vogue right now ;).
seriously? The nice people I got and get to know and my need to hit the streets…

What was the first thing you put up on a wall?

A terrible graffiti

Legal or illegal?

Illegal (and the cops busted us:) )

Riot police vs Mickey Mouse - Bustart
Riot police vs Mickey Mouse – Bustart

Which artist would you like to work with in the future?

There are a whole lot of people that i would like to work with.

Favorite city, and favorite thing about it?

Amsterdam, melting pot of all kind of street art, flavor of the streets, the special smell in the morning in the alleys.

What is your favorite music/genre/artist/album

Die Toten Hosen, unplugged

by Bustart
by Bustart

What is your favorite item to take on the road with you?

marker and stickers…

Best graffiti/streetart spot we should check out:

Bairro Alto, Lissabon

If you could fill a swimming pool with something, what would it be?


by Bustart
by Bustart

Bill (PC) or Steve(MAC)?

Bluescreen all the way

What can we expect from you in the future?

Bbigger better and uncut

by Bustart
by Bustart
by Bustart
by Bustart

About Bustart

Bustart was born in 1983 in Switzerland. His goal is to affect and touch. Be it surface or opinions.  From the beginning on he knew, that it’s every bodies responsibility to create their surrounding a...View profile