By Arden de Raaij

Rezine is a ‘graffiti’ artist from Lyon, France. I say ‘graffiti’ because Rezine does a lot more than just Graffiti. You could describe his work as post-graffiti, or work that has derived from the French graffiti movement in the 90’s. Rezine isn’t afraid for any kind of medium; wall, paper, canvas, recycling art, volume, installations light painting photography or a combination of multiple techniques. In 2007 Rezine realised the book ‘lightgraff (edition Graff-it productions). Right now Rezine’s working on a brand new book which will be called ‘Free-Handz’ and is all about his light painting photography.

Rezine: “My paintings are a call towards contemplation, to attain a parallel vision. These chaotic compositions combine figural, technological, calligraphic, textured elements.

perspective cities, “graffical” elements, lettering,…

one can sense a surrealist inspiration ; the shapes, elements organise themselves towards a scalable reading of the image and
stimulate the imagination of the viewer to enable him a changing personal vision.”