By Arden de Raaij

Holy fuck! You know I’ve said it before: I’m a huge fan of Nychos’ work. Crazy! He has that claccic ’50’s horror illustration style all the way down, and added his own twist in there. It’s amazing, funny and in general just beautiful work. Just recently he opened his amazing show in the ‘Pure Evil’ Gallery in London, but guess what? Next week he’s coming to Amsterdam for the Urban Art Festival in the OT301! Hell yeah :). To prepare us a little bit, the good people from Urban Stylistix provided us with a wicked interview and some great images of his show in London. Nychos talks about the Nintendo Generation, gore, working at the Pure Evil gallery and much more! Enjoy.


Hey Nychos, first of all, a little introduction about you and your art:
Hey I am Nychos. I call myself an illustrator who developed 70 percent of his style on walls. I’ve been drawing since if been a little kid, but I really started to get into what I really wanted to do pretty late. Developing my Comic style was pretty much all I did. With 19 years of age, I had some strange happenings with traffic mirrors following epileptic fits and car accidents. Since then I know what to do and I know my mission in life. Not much later the concept RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT was born based on all those happenings. I live in Vienna what doesn’t say I am home much. 😉

Pureevil Gallery mural by Nychos

Congrats to your ongoing expo at Pure Evil Gallery in London.
Tell us a bit about the topic of your artworks and your inspiration when you planned the expo.

The concept of the show basically is one part of a big concept, I am working on. Many of my artworks in the last years and in the upcoming well are connected to one big thing. One story I want to tell to the audience. This one is all about “holy media” and how it brainfucks us. You see a lot of old stuff which I recycle because it’s been part of my youth. Stuff what I liked, cartoons I loved like the teenage mutant ninja turtles or skate symbols like the screaming hand. Many of our generation have a connection to those things because we know it and mostly because we’ve been watching TV all our childhood. At least that happened to me, hahaha.

Nychos, Pure Evil Gallery

But I think we all would be painting like we paint without the media influence Pop art would not be existent and that’s our roots. I call our generation the NINTENDO GENERATION and you will see, it’s already happening.

Nychos by RomanyWG

Big famous artists paint stuff with dot eyes and run simple graphic heads. I come from comic and I am a fucking Disney/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon product and I don’t mind. I use the force and am critical but I cant exist without it. I’ve seen many brutal things in my youth because I come from a hunters family in the forests of Styria. I never had problems with dead or killing animals, I grew up with it. That doesn’t say I like that. I remember finding a baby sheep dead all eaten up by maggots and it got stuck in my head. As a product of watching too much TV I always enjoyed seeing brutal movies, but in reality I am very critical and don’t believe most of the things the media tells us. caI just got rid of my TV actually, hahaha, because nowadays you just see fuckin’ topmodel-bullshit. Where have the great cartoons gone to?

Also, I’m very against vegetarians who just eat fish because of the poor pigs…

The green, to me, is the freshest color on the planet and I think on one hand we can’t exist without it. Our world is turning into gray and we need to live in this. Using loads of limegreen on my pieces was mostly a crazy effect to people because they lose the sense for nature… On the other hand, this green is the color of Horror Splatter Mutation and Poisen which always fits perfect to my topics. I use it as a part of my concept about 2 years right now and after pushing it and getting the rabbiteyemovement I think I can happily say that I got known for that as well.

Dont worry and no stress. There will be new stuff coming, and a next level with the next
part of the Big thing

You are quite busy exhibition in whole Europe. As you told, that each show of yours is part of a bigger story, but What is special/different in this expo?
This is a bigger show and a solo one. I’ve been working on pure evil since March and I sketched 3 sketchbooks and painted tons of walls to lose myself in it. That will just happen to solo shows I hopefully have once a year somewhere on this planet or beyond. Hahah. PURE EVIL is like the cut out of this big “Green Concept” I’ve been doing and after that there is time develop new shit. Green or not green. That will be the question, hahaha.

And last but not least, give us a small impression about working with the guys of Pure Evil, expo opening and your stay in London.
Pure Evil is a great guy. I think we have load of ideas in common and he’s a similar confused person like me. But he has a totally different way of working. His logo is a bunny as well and he is into metal punk rock etc. He plays in a Krauts Rockband which is very weird and stupid but we both love stupid. After one week we made his Assistant listening to Iron Maiden all the time . Now she loves it! Rocks!!!! Yeah and as I said, HOT CHICKS BEWARE….THERES TO MUCH MATEL FOR ONE HAND!!

Thanks for the talk, have fun in London. See ya soon here in Amsterdam.