Liliwenn @ the MOS in Buenos Aires

Liliwenn @ the MOS in Buenos Aires

By Arden de Raaij

Our good friend and street / graffiti artist Liliwenn recently went to the Meeting of Styles graffiti festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We did an interview with Liliwenn not too long ago and a lot of you might know her from her amazing murals, illustrations and paintings, or/and as originator of the Crimes of Mind street art project which already brought (and continues to bring) worlds greatest street / graffiti artists to the beautiful town of Brest (Brittany/France). But you’ll hear plenty more about that, back to the sunshine in Buenos Aires!

Liliwenn: “This city is amazing! When you go there you fall in love and it isn’t easy coming back home after that! The city is full of colors, the architecture is incredible and diverse and the vegetation is awesome! You would need to spend at least a month in Buenos Aires to discover a bit of it. The people are also very nice and hospitable!

For the painting at the MOS the idea was to make an open urban museum. It was very interesting to meet artists from this continent which is so different form ours. South-American paintings are often so filled with colours, their styles are different, their minds are opened. All in all they’re very inspring. Actualy, the whole city is inspiring, so inspiring that I want to come back next year to see friends and paint more walls! I have no regrets flying 12000km (back and forth) and I’m ready to do it again!

I’d also like to mention the ‘Estilo Libre‘ organisation as well. They do a lot of good things for graffiti and street art in Buenos Aires. They’re very enthusiastic, professional and have loads of great projects. I think it’s an organisation to keep an eye on!! “

Photographs by Awouell and Ti Adam