Laser 3.14 x Unit44

Laser 3.14 x Unit44

By Arden de Raaij

Our homegrown hero Laser 3.14 has some new stuff going on! For those of you who don’t know Laser 3.14: Laser started out as a ‘regular’ graffiti artist, nowadays he is mostly known for his amazing texts he leaves all across town. From yuppies to youngsters, Laser 3.14 has something for everyone. Not only his street campaign is consistent, I’ve also been to quite some gallery shows of the good man and can tell you that he knows his way around canvas, wood and any other material he deems interesting to tell his story. This is why I was excited to hear that Laser is getting some well deserved attention abroad!

Laser 3.14 recently did a show in the Unit 44 gallery in Newcastle. A collaboration that came into existance by -what else-  the interwebs: Laser 3.14 “At the Banksy forum there was someone asking around for my contact information. I sent them a reply and got the request to do a show.  Later I found out that they already had bought some screenprints from me at Wolf & Pack in Amsterdam. Three months ago one of the guys from the gallery came over to my studio and we sealed the deal!”. Even though Amsterdam is Laser’s hometown, he has some good words for Manchester. Laser: “The hospitality was great. It just clicked with everyone, and that’s something I feel is very important. There’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere in Newcastle, plus it’s a great city for going out. It seems more free, more fun, more open and more relaxed than Amsterdam to be honest.”

In his short period in Newcastle Laser unfortunately didn’t had the time to bless the street with some of his wisdom. “Of course I wanted to, but we had a show to finish! But I’ll hit the streets when I get back to Newcastle! ” Laser explains.

There are more international shows planned though “It’s all still in an early fase, but I’m working on setting up a show in Oakland and one in the Sticks and Stones gallery in San Francisco which will take place early 2012, if all goes well”.

There you have it people. Check out some of Laser’s amazing screen prints and laser(!) cuts available at Unit44