Keith McArthur – The Grind

Keith McArthur – The Grind

By Kaymir Stark

Some photographers try to force themselfes into shooting stuff that doesn’t seems to fit them well. Photographers like Keith McArthur are like “the hell with that, I shoot what represents me”. His stages, filled with the best actors that he likes to call his friends, are part of his on-going exhibition of daily life. Don’t be fooled though! These are not your average family barbecue photos! They are more like film stills from the Keith McArthur documentary!

“I just wait until all the booze and drugs are consumed and I go mostly unnoticed.”

I’m Keith McArthur. I’m twenty-five years old. I’m a husband, a dad, and the oldest of three brothers. I got into photography to impress a girl when I was sixteen. She wasn’t impressed. That was a long time ago but, at this point, I just don’t know how to do anything else. Besides that, I hate fun. I’m all business and basketball.

I was trained in photography by the US Department of Defense. I spent a few years doing both photography and photoscience for the military. They taught me everything technical there is to know about photography. Right now, I “work” full time as a medical photographer in Detroit. After work, I try to get past all those technical aspects and get on the grind, back to basics. I’m really one of those “take my camera everywhere” kinda kids. I’ll get anxious, sweat through my shirt, and chain-smoke without it.

A nice location to shoot is Detroit, Michigan. A great, american, tragic-comedy. But over anywhere I put on for ypsilanti. It’s small, it’s dirty, all my homies live there. It’s mine.

I love the Contax G2. It’s good for point and shoot shit, plus its got bells and whistles just in case.I just wait until all the booze and drugs are consumed and I go mostly unnoticed. Otherwise, I think my friends trust me not to incriminate them too much.