Julie Hrudová

Julie Hrudová

By Arden de Raaij

Julie Hrudova (1988) is a portrait and documentary photographer born in Prague, but now based in Amsterdam. By the age of 15 she was given a mobile phone with a small digital camera. This was the moment she started experimenting with photography.

Julie has a great eye for dynamic composition. Nothing is staged, she is a master of coincident. Whenever she presses the button, the world stops turning and puts on it’s best face. Using minimal equipment she achieves mysterious images which show her impressive technical skill. In her work, she reveals the thoughts of the people portrayed, and therefore her style is being described as very emotional.

About Julie Hrudová

Julie Hrudová (1988) was born in Prague but now lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has worked with a variety of publications, including The Guardian and VICE News. Julie’s work has als...View profile