Inverselive – an ode to polaroid

Inverselive – an ode to polaroid

By Kaymir Stark

Inverselive: her photos speak louder than any interview could do because her thoughts are already deeply embedded in the movie-still-like Polaroids. Inverselive shows that the work should be the talking and we couldn’t agree more with the photographer from Taipei, Taiwan. The answers are almost redundant but also shows us the minimalistic and introvert spirit of this photographer from the far east. Be amazed.. I know we are!

Who’s the person behind the photos?

Most of them are my friends

What got you into photography, and what makes you keep on doing it?

The desire for artistic creation.


If we’d like to trade something for a photo you made, what should the CFYE delivery man bring to your door?

New polaroid films

What’s your favourite item to take on the road with you?


Best shooting location we should check out?

I haven’t discovered it.

Tell us about your work as a photographer, did you just picked up a camera and educate yourself?

Mostly, yes

What’s your camera setup?

A Polaroid land sx-70, a Polaroid land 250, a Mamiya RB67 and a Nikon FM2

How does your environment react on you taking your camera everywhere and shooting all the time?

Some people don’t like it… I’m not sure, but I don’t really care about their feelings.

What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you when you were out shooting photos?

I install my 120 film contrary.

Who is your favorite movie/gaming/cartoon character?

Benjamin (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)

Which artist would you like to work with?

Jun Takahashi, Mika Ninagawa, Ryan Mcginley, Paolo Roversi

If you could fill a swimming pool with something, what would it be?

Clean water


Favorite city, and coolest thing about it?

TOKYO, full of inspiring places.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I start my commercial photo project recently (I’m still at school), I think I will get more resources form the commercial environment, and I try to keep my style, like use polaroid.