Graeme MacPherson – The hidden Beauty

Graeme MacPherson – The hidden Beauty

By Kaymir Stark

As you all may have noticed we stepped a bit down on our update ratio. This thing called life did catched up with us. But don’t be fooled, the pink beast can’t be stopped. As to quote my man Reakwon “It’s about longevity, we in here for the gusto”. Not to long ago I bumped into the works of Greame MacPherson and just had the urge the share it! Because that is what we do, we share the great thoughts and works of those who’re trying to make a difference!

'Viet Dam'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘Viet Dam’ by Graeme MacPherson

Well, my name is Graeme (pronounced like the cracker), and I am training to be a mechanical technologist at Montana State. Photography has always been the filler between other projects I have going on in life.

'Last color'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘Last color’ by Graeme MacPherson

I think the best thing about photography is being able to share your viewpoint on something that anyone can see. If you see a photo of a place that seems incredible, you might go there and wonder where the inspiration came for such an amazing image. Then you realize that someone saw something beautiful in something that you might simply pass over. The hidden beauty of anything is what really interests me.

'Vietnamese cliffdiving'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘Vietnamese cliffdiving’ by Graeme MacPherson
'Little white house with wires'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘Little white house with wires’ by Graeme MacPherson

As far as what I photograph, I like to loosely document things that are around me or happening in my life. I enjoy taking pictures of people I know, and capturing what I see in them. I enjoy taking pictures of things I see all the time, but might not notice until I am thinking through my viewfinder. I like seeing the world with intention, as opposed to just cruising through it. Having a mission is always satisfying.

'La muerta'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘La muerta’ by Graeme MacPherson

I shoot with film, mostly because I cant afford the digital equivalent of my pentax 67. Even my A1 makes images that I felt I couldn’t always capture when I had my 5d. Maybe its because I dont have the requesite photoshop patience. Plus I cant get the look of portra out of a digital file, and I like to hold a negative in my hand. And I dont trust my responsibility with backing up files.

'Dodge'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘Dodge’ by Graeme MacPherson

Inspiration comes in fits of obsession. I am sorry for the lulls on my flickr if you ever start following it. Being able to share my work on websites on CFYE is always a strong motivator to get out and shoot. I think I am going to go finish that roll in my 67 tomorrow.

'In the trees'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘In the trees’ by Graeme MacPherson
'untitled'  by Graeme MacPherson
‘untitled’ by Graeme MacPherson