Dara Scully – Little dreamers

Dara Scully – Little dreamers

By Arden de Raaij

The pictures of 22 year old Spanish photographer Dara Scully are just full of imagination! Dara is not just a photographer; she’s a storyteller (and self-proclaimed elephant tamer) who uses different techniques to bring her stories to live. She mixes fantasy with reality seamlessly and turns every picture into a dream, hence the title ‘little dreamers’ for her latest series.

Dara: ” ‘Little dreamers’ is about your inside child. About turning the imaginary into real, about imaginary friends and their laughter in the kitchen. It is another world and our own world at the same time, because we are Little dreamers. Me, you and all the big children with a bit of imagination inside their heads.”

About Dara Scully

There’s a bird in my left lung, small and fragile, and he always speaks to me about beautiful things. I try to translate all these things to my pictures, his voice, mine.View profile