Catching up with C215

Catching up with C215

By Arden de Raaij

We can’t stay away from the works of Christian Guemy aka C215. We’ve interviewed and featured him on multiple occasions and this certainly won’t be the last time we show you his work. His impeccable stencil art with his unique signature can be found all across this globe, including our hometown of Amsterdam. As it’s been a while since we’ve showed you some of his work, we thought it might be a good idea to share some of his more recent works and let you know how the maestro himself is doing.

C215 - Palermo
C215 – Palermo

Since the last interview, Christian has not been standing still. C215: “I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been traveling, experiencing new countries, new techniques, I’ve been doing big walls as everybody does in muralism. I’ve Been bored. I’ve Been exhibiting in a few museums. Now I work a lot in my studio.”

C215 - Back to the future (CEA Saclay) FR
C215 – Back to the future (CEA Saclay) FR

As expected C215 has done some mighty impressive projects, including painting inside penitentiaries across France, has been commissioned to do a big  Virgin Mary for a XIIth century church and in the near future he will do some painting in Africa.

C215 - Milan
C215 – Milan

When we first came across the works of C215, his style was more introvert. After a few years this exploded with colours. Now it seems that it’s a bit more of a combination of the both. C215: “I’m less crazy and radical than I’ve been in the past. The style is reflecting my mentality.

c215 - Vitry
c215 – Vitry

As for the future? We can expect more Museum work, gallery work, street and prison work. “I can not change completely” as C215 puts it himself. A coffee table book is to be published in October by Albin Michel editions.

Be sure to check out his latest work on Flickr!

C215 - Maison d'Arrêt d'Osny (FR)
C215 – Maison d’Arrêt d’Osny (FR)
C215 - Maison d'Arrêt d'Osny (FR)
C215 – Maison d’Arrêt d’Osny (FR)

About C215

I am not a vandal, but a contextual artist trying to interact with reality, travelling to paint stencils in the streets without authorization..View profile