Carlos Nascimento – Drafts

Carlos Nascimento – Drafts

By Kaymir Stark

The 26 year old Carlos Nascimento from Portugal is professionally speaking a sound engineer working in film and advertising sound post production. However, for the last 5 years he’s been picking up the camera more often and firing away. So far it is just a collection of random shots, somehow it feels like a visual scrapbook. Not to push anyone or anything in a certain direction, but… I can see Carlos making a killer non-motion picture combining his sound and photography skills into one killer product.

travel photography of sunbathing girl
travel photography of sunbathing girl, Carlos Nascimento
street photography of basketball court
street photography of basketball court, Carlos Nascimento
guy on beach photography
guy on beach photography, Carlos Nascimento

“I’d say it is a hobby but one that I take somewhat seriously. Many of the pictures you can find on my portfolio are a bit like “drafts” for bigger, and more planned sessions I want to make. Still, time and money don’t help so I haven’t done quite what I’ve been aiming for. Anyway, I shoot pretty much anything I find visually appealing.  I usually take my cameras with me everywhere. Most of it is shot on film, medium format negatives and 35mm. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more portraits on friends. There are also some shots from film production backstage which I’d say is one of the things I prefer doing along with fashion photography (which I haven’t that much, still).”

interior photography
interior photography, Carlos Nascimento
graveyard, interior photography

Keep an eye on this guy, because at one point his drafts will become projects. And I can only imagine that those projects will be a feast for the eye!

sea shore
sea shore, Carlos Nascimento