C215 – Prophets

C215 – Prophets

By Arden de Raaij

Christian Guemy aka C215 never fails to impress with his new leaps through art. His newest exhibition, ‘Prophets’ takes place in a sacred 17th century Parisian church: Saint-Louis de la Salpétrière.

In his own words the show calls for ‘religious tolerance and oecumenism (a movement promoting union between religions)’. But it’s not the message that is exciting to me; it’s the work and the location that take it to the next level. The way that Christian has transformed his work into stained glass windows while retaining some of his signature style is just breath-taking.

Some of the cutting lines have become lead lines and the colourful additions we’ve seen in his works over the past years are transformed into stains in the glass. A church, of course, is the perfect location for a show like this. At the same time, one of these light boxes will be permanently installed on an outdoor wall of the Parisian 13th district council building and will be lit up every night

All in all I think this is one exciting next step for C215; working with a new medium, on a new location and supported by the bishop and city council of Paris. The exhibition opened 22/03/2012 and will be open until 30/04/2012. Pictures by Laurence Dentinger, GHPS/AP-HP.

About C215

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