Boxhead and Matthew Knight – Keeping busy

Boxhead and Matthew Knight – Keeping busy

By Arden de Raaij

Being based in Amsterdam, we’ve had the honour to meet some amazing artists like Boxhead, who has lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years and Matthew Knight whom we met at his show in the Go Gallery, Amsterdam. What we hadn’t predicted was that the stars would align and these amazing artists would be working together closely at one point! And better yet, they’re doing a show together in the same Go Gallery!

First things first; how are you guys doing?

Boxhead: I’m great, thank you! Really busy which is good. Non stop these days.

Matthew: Knackered! It has been non stop these last 2 months in particular.

I know you through totally separate ways, how did you get to know each other and how did your collaborating  start?

Boxhead: As you already know I used to live in Amsterdam before moving to London nearly 4 years ago. I think it was 2010-2012 when I went to Outland Store to have a chat with Jerome about a show I was preparing at his gallery. I saw one of Matthew’s paintings on the wall, featuring his “Cubehead” character and I instantly asked Jerome who the artist was. He gave me Matt’s Facebook details and I contacted him as I got home that day. There and then started a 2 year cyber friendship where we used to chat very often and we started talking about collaborating pretty soon. In 2012 I moved to London and one month later he tells me he’s moving there too! So I sorted out a studio for him next door to mine, and we’re best pals since then.

Matthew: Collaborating for us has always been on the agenda, we’ve really taken our time though trying to come up with the right way to work together. We’ve always been bouncing ideas back and forth but early last year we struck upon one which then led to a series of ideas that we want to do over the course of several shows. We’ve been working side by side for the last 3 years and have really benefited from that. We are always chatting and critiquing what each other is working on. This upcoming show is a reflection of that for sure, for me I’ve been through a lot of changes in my artistic abilities. I’ve really simplified my work down and focused in on the details of the characters which has been completely influenced by Begoña (Boxhead)

Boxhead - Cubehead
Boxhead – Cubehead

What are you guys working on at the moment?

Boxhead: So finally we’re having our first show together and we’ve chosen Amsterdam to be the beginning on a series of collaborative shows. For this show called “Intersubjective” we are both working independently, as one artist and together with 11 other artists. the idea is to explore the possibilities and the concept of a shared consciousness, you know, sharing is vital in shaping our ideas and relations. We were very glad to find out this year’s Pride theme is “Share” so it fitted perfect with our project.

Matthew: We’re working on two shows at the minute, the first is at Go Gallery Amsterdam on the 25th of July with second being over in Orlando, Florida. I’m frantically trying to finish all my work for this upcoming show…..

What can we expect from you in the future?

Boxhead: A part form our individuals projects we’re working on more collaborative shows, we want to get to the roots of Boxhead and Cubehead, tell their stories, from the time they were born! We’re gonna do this in a tone of fun ways. Our next date is in Orlando, Florida, at Redefine Gallery. We’re overly excited about going to America.

Matthew: We’ve got 2 shows locked down together but I’m  really hoping for a 3rd here in London, we have 3 nice solid ideas for shows and I want to see them all fully realised.

About Matthew Knight

Matthew Knight was born in Cambridge, lived in Lahor, Pakistan untill the age of 13, continued his life in Belfast, North Ireland and since 2012 settled in London.View profile