Ana Paula Dan

Ana Paula Dan

By Kaymir Stark

We don’t know why but the last weeks we came in touch with lots of cool people from South America, and especially Brazil. One of the main reasons I think, is that they are filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. We don’t hug trees or anything but CFYE is all about positive karma loops and good spirited people. Take Ana for example, we came across her in the Shuttercrack Flickr pool. From that moment on, we were hooked by her portfolio and uplifting vibes.

'After the Rain' by Ana Paula Dan
‘After the Rain’ by Ana Paula Dan

Who is the person behind the photos?

I’m Ana, just someone who loves creating things, which could be projecting (I’m also an architect – well, I try to…), writing or, especially, photographing. It’s amazing that we have the possibility of capturing these small moments of our lives and eternalize them.

What got you into photography, and what makes you keep on doing it?

I´ve always liked photography. I remember becoming crazy seeing my dad, with his Yashica ME1, taking pictures of our family. I still have this camera, working!

After that, I got into university and started taking hundreds of images of buildings with an average point and shoot I had at that time (I couldn´t afford a better camera). I used to use a Pola too, and started introducing people in my photos. And then my whole world changed when I bought my first DSLR…

Love and fun keep me doing it, I guess.

'Life'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘Life’ by Ana Paula Dan

If we´d like to trade something for a photo you made, what should the CFYE delivery man bring to your door?

That´s a very easy question: music, books and the biggest bar of semi-sweet dark chocolate you can find! I really love chocolate…

What´s your favorite item to take on the road with you?

Looks like a normal answer but it´s true: a camera. Any kind.

'Refreshing'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘Refreshing’ by Ana Paula Dan

Something really fun about me:

Should I answer this question?!? I´m the clumsiest person I know. Well, no… probably my brother. Family issues, as you can see.

Best shooting location we should check out?

You can make an amazing picture anywhere but I love the small cities and farms in the province I was born, Espírito Santo. I wish I could go there more often.

by Ana Paula Dan
by Ana Paula Dan
by Ana Paula Dan
by Ana Paula Dan

Tell us about your work as a photographer, did you just pick up a camera and educate yourself?

My skills are from observing, observing and observing. After that, practicing and asking. I´ve never studied photography, just read a few articles and pressed a lot that little button on the top of the cameras. But I do recognize the importance of a formal education: it could have made my life easier…

'the Birth of Venus'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘the Birth of Venus’ by Ana Paula Dan

What´s your camera set up?

I still use my dad´s old camera and I love my Canon… it´s not too big to carry around and take great pictures. My birthday is coming, though… so I can make wishes: a Canon 5d, a vintage Rolleiflex and a vintage Hassel. Anyone donating?!

'the Birth of Venus'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘the Birth of Venus’ by Ana Paula Dan

How does your environment react on you taking your camera everywhere and shooting all the time?

Mmm… I´ve never thought about that but I just realized that usually people stare at me making funny yoga positions to find a good angle.

'the Birth of Venus' by Ana Paula Dan
‘the Birth of Venus’ by Ana Paula Dan

What´s the strangest thing that ever happened to you while you were out shooting photos?

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in a beautiful farm, with beautiful cows everywhere… well, sometimes they need to go to the bathroom. Let´s say the result is not so beautiful… ; )

Who is your favorite movie/gaming/cartoon character?

Hope no one will use it against me someday but I really love Garfield! He is the best cat ever.

'faith'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘faith’ by Ana Paula Dan

Which artist would you like to work with?

What an unfair question… I´m a fan of a lot of people, for sure I´ll forget names. But as this is about photography and I see photographers as artists, so here are some: Isabel Muñoz is amazing. Also Sebastião Salgado, Walter Firmo, James Nachtwey, Valdemir Cunha and Gui Christ. There are hundreds of them. Each one for a reason.

If you could fill a swimming pool with something, what would it be?

Tons of chocolate. Did I already say that?

'People for sale' by Ana Paula Dan
‘People for sale’ by Ana Paula Dan

Favorite city, and coolest thing about it?

Besides my hometown (yeah, I know… it´s a cliche…), any city I am/was at some point of my life. It´s always worth doing your best whenever and wherever you are.

What can we expect from you in the future?

For sure, better and better and better photos. It´s always good to improve. The rest is (still) a secret…

'Life'  by Ana Paula Dan
‘Life’ by Ana Paula Dan

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