Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini

By Arden de Raaij

Alice Pasquini, or in short AliCè, is a visual artist based in Rome, Italy. She has done fancy design jobs for fancy companies, creates animations, illustrates, paints and better yet, also paints out on the streets.  You can clearly see the beautiful brush strokes she does to create her works, which makes it look both rough and refined at the same time. Her works are mostly about people, human relationship, feelings and especially strong and independent women.  Something tells me we will see a lot more from AliCè in the coming time!

Check out more from Alice on her website and Flickr account.

About Alice Pasquini

Alice Pasquini is a Multimedia artist based in Rome: painting, illustration, installations and animation are her main tools to create poetical and hopeful artworks. Her main subject is feminity, espec...View profile