2012 Recap

2012 Recap

By Arden de Raaij

Booya! It’s almost over! Even though the world didn’t come to an end we will still present you with an inescapable part for the end of the year: Lists! We made a smashing list in 2011 in which we totally predicted the second coming of Jezus Lush and did all kind of other revelations that definitely happened this year. Unfortunately that list seems to be misplaced so you’ll just have to take my word for it. As ‘best of 20xx’ lists make me puke (and hindsight is always 20/20, and art is subjective, yatieyatieyatie), we’ve asked some of our favourite artists how their 2012 was.

We’ve got Florian Krause, Nisa and Ulli Maier (cookiesound), Fin DAC, Julie Hrudova, Remi Rough, Michael Wriston, C215, Richard Terborg, CodeFC, Dara Scully, Laser 3.14, Isaac Cordal, Jeremy Gibbs aka RomanyWG, Priest, Trevor Williams, Mr.Zero, Mr.UnekDan Oara, Lush, Lee Basford and Boxhead all telling about their highlights in 2012 and what they’re aiming for in 2013! To make this party even better, Florian Krause has thrown in two yet unpublished light painting photographs and Priest threw in a sneak preview of his new print ‘Flightrisk’. Yes apparently this article is that epic! But wait, there’s more! As a motherf*cking cherry on top (it’s so good it made me curse) we’ve got a breakdown of the most popular CFYE articles in 2012! Which CFYE articles did you like the most this year? And more important, have we lost faith in you because of that? But first: 2012 as CFYE experienced it.


When we did our CFYE re-launch in November 2011 we decided not to keep track of ‘scenes’ any more but just focus on the talented people that inspire us oh-so-much. As a result almost every article we did from there on is special to us in one way or another. I’m not a fan of the ‘we’re all winners’ mentality, but god-damn-it this is CFYE, and down here we’re all winners! If you ask me who the best artists are we featured in 2012 I’ll just give you the archive of all our 2012 articles.

In 2012 street-art seemed to have climbed to its peak and splattered all over the place (interpret that any way you want). More street art festivals, street art exhibitions, street art murals, street art tours, street art workshops, commissioned street art jobs, charity street art jobs and everything else you can pour a street art sauce over. While that’s all fine and wish everyone the best, I absolutely couldn’t follow what was going on with all the re-tweets and Facebook shares; yet another reason I’m glad we put our focus back on the people!

In 2012 we kept a low-profile as life sometimes caught up with us in unforeseen ways. Luckily nothing has kept us from featuring a whole lot of talented people and getting to know some of them a lot better through the process. We’re very thankful to all the artists and others who contributed, read our articles, shared the love or just said we rock. It’s you that keep us doing what we do. We appreciate it dearly, so thank you!

In 2013 we will continue to bring you the most passionate and inspiring artists we can dig up! What, do you need more? Oh you can also expect a little website-update, but like my man Coolio said, you’ll see that when it gets there.

Enough with the blabla, bring on ze artists!

Florian Krause

“I arrived and short before darkness i climbed over the wall with all my equipment and i felt like the last man on earth.”

Everything just comes together with Florian Krause. His light-painting photography, or lightbrushing as he calls it when it’s applied to graffiti, is the perfect example of how light painting photography and graffiti can compliment each other in a way you don’t know which compliments which best. Besides his light painting skills combining two (three?) of our favourite art-forms, in the feature we did with Florian in 2011 he also told us that one of his inspirations was Dana Maltby aka TCB. Dana has been like our spirit-guide into the world of light-painting. Now isn’t this a small world? We hope to see plenty more of Florian’s amazing work in 2013. As a little present to us you’ll find two of his fantastic new images in the gallery on top!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 was a great year for me. Personally  all good and it startet with my first two exhibitions. One of my lightpaintings, and one of my lightbrushed graffiti photographs – in the headquarters of the “Meeting of Styles” event, “Kontext Wiesbaden”, which was the perfect location for the images. This year i got so much inspiration by really top notch artists and each exposure got its own story. I experienced a lot of adventures during the nights out there, but that`s what i do it for. Thanks to all writers for inspiration and the positive feedback! My respect goes out to you!

Which photograph you took in 2012 is your favourite?

I am most proud of the Does photograph. I absolutely dig his style. I saw a snapshot of it early May, and it totally inspired me. But it took me a long time to find out where it roughly was. An anonymous guy told me in which area it is, or at least still was some weeks ago. It is a huuuge illegal abandoned area surrounded by walls, with massive halls, years ago trains got repaired there, all destroyed and full of graffiti. My guy told me that it might be a bit risky, cause there hang around junkies and that parts of it are also the training area for the German  special task force GSG9. I wasn`t interested meeting any of them. So i checked google earth for hours, and was waiting weeks for the right weather. I knew the sky is important for the shot, and i needed small clouds with a lot of wind.So finally I drove, more than 400km, rented a top camera for a lot of money, not knowing if the piece is still there. I arrived and short before darkness i climbed over the wall with all my equipment and i felt like the last man on earth.  The nature already was taking back it`s territory, it was a scary, surreal, amazing area. My google earth time payed off, i came around the corner and there it was! Still beautiful and in good shape. While i was waiting for darkness i heared really weird noises around, i don`t know what it was, but I wasn`t alone. And the sky was shitty, all cloudy. So i started doing the first lightbrushings. The most difficulty with this pic is the ‘E’  which I let flow into the ground. First mixing colours is not easy with light, but mainly cause i had to work with “optical distortion” and brush a -from my perspective- totally wrong looking curved lightray. Cause of the extreme wide-lens and the perspective, this image only works from this one angle. Like these nowadays famous 3D paintings on the ground. I did a couple of tries and then suddenly, like I ordered it, the sky got clear with this field of clouds flying over me. I had only about 5 minutes perfect sky, and then all came together and this is the result. 60 seconds exposure and a big smile back in my car.

Does - by Florian Krause
Does (Loveletters crew) by Florian Krause

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

2013 I want to have a drink with Arden and bring some of my pics to the famous CFYE halls! Happy 2013 to everybody!

Nisa & Ulli Maier (cookiesound.com)

“…we’re getting closer to working as full-time professional photographers and actually paying the bills this way”

If you haven’t read our feature with Nisa & Ulli Maier yet, you should immediately head over! This mother-daughter team has travelled the entire globe, submerging themselves in different cultures and creating fantastic photography in the process. With their blog cookiesound.com they keep everyone who is interested updated with their travel-stories and photography, not because they have to do so but because they love to do so! I guarantee that you’ll be buying a plane ticket as soon as you’ve seen their photographs and read their words.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 was a good year for us: we travelled to many places we’ve never visited before (e.g. Bangladesh) and we’re getting closer to working as full-time professional photographers and actually paying the bills this way. We’ve been working very hard for this but one has to be patient … as the saying goes: little by little one goes far.

On which photograph you made in 2012 are you the most proud of? / What was your highlight in 2012?

Choosing only one photograph is almost impossible. Over the last 12 months, we have shot more than 50.000 photos and therefore, the decision is hard. But then again, it takes blood, sweat and tears to shoot a photo that (in our eyes) is perfect … therefore these ones stand out and we were able to choose these two:

1. Pure Muscle in Kolkata, India: All the working men who unload tons and tons of fruits and vegetables are all in perfect shape, even though they’ve for sure never seen a gym from the inside. And if a bag of fruit is too heavy for one person, a few other men will kindly lend a hand.

Working men pure muscle, Kolkata, India - by Nisa and Ulli Maier
Working men pure muscle, Kolkata, India – by Nisa and Ulli Maier

2. Ship Breaking Yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh: The beginning of the ship breaking industry in Bangladesh actually came by “accident”. After a severe cyclone in 1960,a Greek ship was stranded on the beach of Chittagong and could not be re-floated for some years. Then it was scrapped and this was the birth of the Bangladesh ship breaking industry – which is the second largest in the world. Seeing these huge giants come to rest in Chittagong was one of the most impressive sights. The highlight of 2012 year was definitely the trip to China … It’s been a long time since we had the opportunity to travel together and it reminded us oft he good old times.

Chittagong Ship breaking yard, Bangladesh - Nisa & Ulli Maier
Chittagong Ship breaking yard, Bangladesh – Nisa & Ulli Maier

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

All we’re hoping for is more travelling and photo opportunities. Might sound like a piece of cake in theory but reality looks a bit different. And of course we never give up hope on winning the lottery some day 🙂


A long-time CFYE friend (yes we love him long-time) is Fin-DAC! From the early days he has shown his support to our little magazine and he didn’t hesitate to jump on a plane to do a CFYE wall in Amsterdam with Ives, FarkFk, Fake, Indigo and Nine-O! Still one of our proudest moments ;). We remember he was just starting out with shading and freehand pieces back then. Nowadays his shaded stencils are a signature technique and his already great work became outstanding. Check out the interview Nicole did for us with Fin DAC back in the days!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 was my first full year as an artist so it was both ground breaking but also quite scary. I travelled more than I’ve ever done in my life and went to quite a few places I’d never visited before. I saw so much of the positive side of the street art world and felt a lot of love and respect wherever I went. But 1 artist in Paris and 1 in London reminded me that the negative, that I’ve done so much to avoid, is still there

What was your highlight in 2012?

The highlight personally was the Colombia trip in May – 2 weeks of painting in Bogota and Cartagena – so much so that I’m planning a return in Jan 2013. The painting highlight had to the Black Duke in North Wales tho – the constant battle with the elements made it doubly difficult but I was very pleased with the end result and the publicity it and the project itself has received on the back of it.

Fin DAC- Black duke by Annar50
Fin DAC – Black duke. Photography by Annar50

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

In 2013 I want to travel more and get my work to places it hasn’t been yet. I don’t really feel I’ve achieved anything yet as an artist so I’ll continue to push no matter what

Julie Hrudova

Sometimes one picture says more than enough to keep track of someone’s work. In case of Julie Hrudova, it was this image that caught me. Over the past year and a half we kept track of her photography work, better yet, we couldn’t get around it as she was featured in many blogs and magazines we follow ourselves. Well deserved I might add. Through her Facebook page we get our weekly update on her ‘ Amsterdam Street Diary‘ which gives an interesting insight on her view of the streets in Amsterdam! I’m certain you’ll be seeing much more of her work in 2013.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

Certainly a turbulent year, a year of insecurity combined with (unexpected) achievements. I graduated, had my photo on a cover of a magazine for the first time, was sent abroad for a reportage, had some exhibitions, lovely blog features & publications and a gallery representing me. 2012 is also the year in which I’ve had to seriously think about the future, bring some structure into my life which had been filled with studies before. Regarding photography, it was the best year, so far.

On which picture you made in 2012 are you the most proud of?

This image is part of the Amsterdam Street Diary – a project that keeps me on the street. While writing my thesis about the use of photography in the field of psychiatry, I also felt an urgent need for my own creativity and found it back in street photography. Every week I post new images of the Amsterdam urban life on my Facebook Page: Julie Hrudova Photography.

Amsterdam Street Diary's - Julie Hrudova
Amsterdam Street Diary’s – Julie Hrudova

This photo shows the core of my work, by turning a daily like situation into something strange and sinister. It was one of the first images I took for this series.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

Even more productivity, reflection on my work and more documentary projects. 

Remi Rough

I had a great conversation with Remi Rough earlier this year, which turned into one of the best interviews we created all 2012. Not only is Remi talented on multiple levels, he also proved to be a very interesting person and all-round goodfella. Not to make him feel old or anything, but he’s been creating art longer than we’ve been alive! Yet his art and the projects he’s involved in keep progressing and surprising, much to our liking. The interview with Remi Rough definitely shows he has learned a thing or two over the years!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

I guess personally it was a great year, lots of amazing things happened to me… I painted the largest mural in London, I had my first US solo show, painted walls with some incredible people, got engaged and generally worked until my fingers bled… Quite literally in one case!

On which piece you did in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I’ve done a lot of things I’m extremely proud of over the past year but I guess my proudest moment would have to be sitting across the road from the Megaro Hotel once all the scaffolding had come down, realising what we had achieved. Steve More, LX One, Augustine Kofie and myself… It’s a pretty monumental project and permanent so having something of that scale in that location is pretty hard to beat.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I want to develop as an artist, explore other areas of making art, so not just painting. I also want to work more with the Agents Of Change, as we have an NYC show and a show in Marrakech booked in. I also want to do a collaborative show with Shok1 furthering our recent collaborations together into a gallery setting. I’m pretty excited about some of the projects I have lined up over the next year!

Michael Wriston

When I think about all the interesting people we’ve got in contact with through CFYE, photographer Michael Wriston is definitely one of those. His film photography work featuring loads of interesting characters, colors and sights, captured our imagination and didn’t let go. This makes it even more remarkable that he put down his camera’s for a while and started documenting everything with his mobile phone in 2012. Why? Read on…

What kind of year was 2012 for you artistically and personally?

I found 2012 to be a year of both personal and artistic introspection and examination, where everything got stripped down to the bare minimum. Personally, 2012 was a happy year, as is any year with family close at hand; it was a year to get rid of distractions, to focus on the people in my life that are most important, and to reconnect with nature. Artistically, it was a kind of disposable year for me. Nothing felt permanent, everything felt done before. I put down my film cameras and took to documenting everything with a cell phone because the tenuous nature of those photographs appealed to me. I wanted to document this year the way it felt: like a snapshot.

Of which photograph that you made in 2012 are you most proud?

The one picture I’m most proud of is a picture of my son holding an umbrella and watching the morning clouds break over the Gavilan Mountains. It’s my favourite because it has my son in it, because we woke up before the sun to go hiking together, because we were pretending to be bewildered hobbits on an unlikely adventure, because we were there.

Michael Wriston
Michael Wriston

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I took fewer photos in 2012 than I have taken in any year since I started photographing. And I’ll be pleased as punch if I take even fewer photos in 2013 than I did this last year. Just as long as I’m photographing the things I want and I am happy with what I’m doing. So I guess my hope for 2013 is to just accomplish anything at all.


The Parisian Christian Guémy, better known as C215 is one of these artists we’ve been following and interviewing since we started out.  We had an interview with C215 in 2009, early 2010 we reflected at 2009 and looked forward to 2010 with Christian, we put C215 and Zilda in one article about art-history as they both had amazing interpretations of Caravaggio’s Narcisuss, and we had to highlight C215’s exhibition in a Parisian church with works made out of stained glass. It might be no surprise that we’re huge fans of his work and wish him all the best for 2013!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 began dramatically, with my best friend and assistant Manu dying the 4th of January. Nina moved with her mother from Paris to Annecy, near meaning that I see her less often than before, which was also a hard knock. I moved into a new studio, bigger, then I had an heart attack the 1st of April, with an heart surgery in June… then I broke my knee the same month.  I am ok right now but I feel it has been personally very hard to go through 2012.

As an artist things went better than expected with one book by Pyramid editions, 2 museum group shows I was included, 4 pieces introduced in public collections, 2 solo shows (one in a Parisian church with stained glass windows, the other in Montana gallery, with recycled objects), one piece sold in auction for more than 14000 euros (many others for more than 5000 euros), one French postal stamp representing my daughter, and a few massive murals, which is quite new for me.

 On which piece you did in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I have no idea. I am not so proud about one piece or another. I am not such a big fan of my own work. I especially appreciate the feelings I have when painting, so maybe the wall I did in Tudela, for the avant Garde festival, or another left in Lisbon , representing a mother with her child, because I am proud to show I can also manage big walls painted free hand. 

C215 in Lisbon

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I will first focus on a new book to be published in March by Castelvecchi editions in Rome, along with a solo show by Wunderkammern gallery in Rome the same month. It will be great to conclude my “Italian period”. Let see what happens then. Thanks for your support over the years.

Lee Basford

Lee Basford gave us back the appreciation of the ‘simple working life’ with his photography series in Kushiro, Japan. This immediately shows the strength of Lee’s photography work: He’s not into it to take an image, he’s in it to actually get to know his subjects and convey that to his audience. When we first spoke to Lee he was still living in the UK, nowadays he has moved to Tokyo Japan to chase his dreams as an art-director. Please have a look at Lee Basford’s personal website and let yourself be inspired.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

This has been the biggest, most insane year of my life so far. I left my job as an art director in England in September, moved my whole life to Tokyo to get married and set up my own studio. Apart from the obvious stress and upheaval that comes with all of this, its been an amazing experience that i’m still processing. I couldn’t have hoped for a better start with work in Japan, some really nice design projects have come along from UNIQLO and Gas As Interface which will be released early next year. I’m also still designing and art directing for some clients in England and more recently writing and photographing for Nowhere Fast and Papersky magazine, exciting times.

On which image you created in 2012 are you the most proud of?

Lee Basford - Maps
Lee Basford – Maps

Earlier in the year I was travelling in Japan, visiting a friends parents. The father, a physics professor, surprised me with a room he’d prepared full of huge maps to explain the geography of the surrounding area. Before he realised I had a camera with me I quickly got this shot – for me its these kind of unexpected glimpses in to life, candidly taken that are what’s special about photography.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

To work with more freedom, without being restricted by any one discipline in my work. Whether that’s in design, art, photography, illustration, writing or anything else that fits.


CodeFC is one of these artists that I’ve been following before we started this CFYE thing. I’m honoured that we’re frequently in touch and also very proud on the UN-Approved story he shared with us about injustice on Sri-Lanka.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 was a really good year for me on both sides. I started painting in Thailand; as usual I managed to make more connections with some amazing painters over there.

I managed to do a project (UN-approved) which was, and still is, very dear to me for many reasons and wasn’t easy to do at all.

I came back to London and did the 20:12 project which has given me a lot more notoriety in that cliquey city of London, where you don’t exist unless you paint east and do a solo show. I did a solo show and everyone who came to see it was impressed with it! It managed to get a huge press attention and was featured on many international TV channels and magazines! I would’ve never imagined this and it’s not the reason why I create art, but at the same time it’s nice to get a certain attention for your work, especially when you don’t get too much attention in general.

I’ve spent more time in the lovely Ibiza, brainstorming as usual. I came out with a new version of abstract painting on which I’m really fond. I’m also getting a lot of compliments on that.

All in all I think it has been a year where I managed to show a bit more than the usual camera’s people know me for and I feel my art is getting more mature and appreciated.

I also got a really nice e-mail (the only one in a few years!) related to a project I did inside the Khmer Rouge S-21 in Cambodia in 2008. Up till know that only got me into shit, insults and death threats and nearly got me arrested!!

On which piece you did in 2012 are you the most proud of?

CodeFC 20:12
CodeFC 20:12

I can’t really decide; I’d have to choose three: one from the 20:12 project, one from the UN-Approved project and the one abstract.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

2013 is a big question mark still. I’m going to try and paint more places and I’m focusing more on abstract painting, trying to shake off that stencil-artist image a lot of people have about me. I’ll possibly even go back to lettering. Also, there are more solo-shows coming up!

Dara Scully

When looking at the photography of Dara Scully you forget all about the possibilities of image manipulation. Dara gives us more than an image, she gives us a world. Everyone would like to live in Dara’s world as it’s inhabited by creatures with honest and positive spirits, much like the author herself. Dara makes us smile.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

A poem, a tale. This year has been a beautiful collection of  foggy days, picnics and conversation with ancient trees.

On which image you created in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I’m deeply connected to this picture. All my voice, my spirit, is in it.

Dara Scully
Dara Scully

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I just want to feel the beauty and share it.

Laser 3.14

It’s funny how things go at times: Laser 3.14 is one of our favourite artists born and raised in our own home-town, Amsterdam. Yet we still haven’t published a proper interview with the good man. No despair though, we actually did a fantastic interview with him which will be released somewhere during the next week so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, check out the feature we did with Anne Barlinckhoff x Laser 3.14 and of course, read about the mystery man’s 2012!

It was a very good and interesting year. Artistically I explored some ideas and laid some foundations for directions I want to pursue in 2013. I did some cool stuff with The Garage.

I just released a cool new print titled “Baby It’s Happing Now”. So no complaints here. It was all good.

On which piece you created in 2012 are you the most proud of? 

The steel laser-cut black powder coated shields are really my favourites. They look so great. I’m very proud of those.

It feels perfect to be imperfect - Laser 3.14
‘ It feels perfect to be imperfect ‘ – Laser 3.14 Steelcut

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I would love to do a show in London or the States (a childhood dream). So I hope that will happen next year. I really just want to keep going, explore and create art the best as I possibly can.

Dan Oara

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 was a great year for me as I graduated from Camberwell (the University of Arts, London). After my university degree show I’ve started a collaboration with ‘The Glitches’, a band from London. I’ve also decided to move to Bucharest for a few months to create some new works in my home country Romania.

On which image you created in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I think it’s this one – which is part of a series I created for my degree show. It’s inspired by a Romanian myth called ‘Ielele’. (You can see the whole series here).

Ielele by Dan Oara
Ielele by Dan Oara

To me it’s a powerful image as I feel I’m much closer to the style I want to offer with my photography.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

For 2013 I hope I’ll develop a new direction based on my works and I will try to move forward with my projects, here in Bucharest and back in London.

Isaac Cordal

The wonderful figurative work of Isaac Cordal has awed me since I first saw it. The connection with Slinkachu is easily made, but Isaac’s work absolutely stands on its own. It’s pretty impressive what Isaac is able to say with his small cement figures who sometimes literally drown in this crazy world of us! It’s delicate, carefully placed and thoughtful work and honestly, I feel for these little creatures at times. The sadness of this reality is the total opposite of the pure form of passion Isaac’s work radiates, a passion that never fails to make me happy and shared amongst all the artists here today!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

This year has gone by so fast (it is probably the age that is beginning to accelerate all). I have participated in projects and met some very interesting people. I think artistically was the year that I’ve done more work. Personally I’m very affected by everything surrounding the economic crisis, political corruption and the loss of democratic values raging in Spain. 2012 is a year that we have seen the faces of those who steal millions and nothing happens. We need a system change. The people have risen up and I hope that in 2013 the people’s voice reaches all corners.

Cement Eclipses by Isaac Cordal

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

Next year I’ll try to keep visiting new places and doing some street art. Make new exhibitions, meeting people, learn, listen and try to become a better person.

Jeremy Gibbs (aka RomanyWG)

Did you know that Jeremy Gibbs is a film editor who has worked on some huge projects we all know? Did you know that Jeremy has made amazing photographs in the punk-rock era of people like the Sex Pistols? Did you know that Jeremy has made a whole array of Custom qees with amazing skill and detail? Did you know that it has taken Jeremy about five years to become one of the best in what he does since he picked up a camera again? Well I do and that’s why I love doing this CFYE thing! Before we interviewed Jeremy in 2009 we knew him as a street art aficionado and photographer. After our interview we could never look at the same at this inspiring person and we knew it was just a question of when Jeremy would move on and become a master in a new discipline! Nowadays Jeremy photographs models in Urbex location, and he does that like only he can.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

Personally the same as the past 4 years, out of work and scratching around trying to make a living. Artistically I diversified from photographing graffiti in abandoned spaces to photographing models in abandoned spaces and haven’t looked back. That’s all I think about now, the next assignment and how to push the boundaries.

On which photograph you made in 2012 are you the most proud of?

Hard to choose, but I do really like the one below.Visited this location with the intent to pay homage to Helmut Newtons infamous shot of Jo Champa, at the Hotel Chelsea. New York 1988 (the girl about to blow her head off with the gun in her mouth) and although we did pay homage to that shot I actually preferred this take. Laura Gatti – ‘Girl with gun’

Laura Gatti
‘Girl with Gun’. Model: Laura Gatti – Photographer: Jeremy Gibbs

What was your highlight in 2012?

Finding that you could actually make a model look stunning in the front seat of a beaten up old Audi as long as you covered her in red tulle. Becky Burton – ‘Bathing in Tulle’.

Becky Burton
Becky Burton by Jeremy Gibbs

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

Already planning my next trip to Italy and working on more elaborate shots in abandoned spaces. Less quantity and more quality. Hope to get an agent and start taking my photography more seriously.


At risk of repeating myself; Priest is the realest! Artist, Urban prankster, whatever he might call himself, I dig what he’s doing. Over the four years we’ve been doing this Priest is the only one who caused us to get dodgy e-mails from law-enforcements trying to locate the good man. Ain’t no catching the Priest though!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

Personally I had a great year. I’m getting married, bought an urban assault rifle two hours before the shooting at Sandy Brook(so I’m sure I’m on a couple FBI shortlists) , and one of my good friends got over $80k from the awesome residents of Mobile to retrofit his single screen theatre.

Artistically? Eh I don’t really consider myself an artist. Urban prankster? With hands like a surgeon and a brain like a cadaver. I’d say I went for more technically challenging environments. Out of the 7 high traffic street pieces I did I captained a kayak, incorporated “slave bricks” into a piece, dodged a police cruiser(which literally drove over a wet bike lane piece I was painting) , and painted a syringe dream bubble over a passed out bum. Sounds like a good year I guess.

On which piece you created in 2012 are you the most proud of?

Finary! - By Priest
Finary! – By Priest

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I have 2 prints coming out that are being printed now and my goals are the same as my grandfather.  I just want to get up and stay hard as long a possible.

Trevor Williams

Japan based Photographer Trevor Williams is one of the artists that has been supporting us since day one. Together with Dana Maltby he introduced us to the magical world of light-painting. From fantastic light-paintings with his fiz-iks crew, doing light-painting workshops and facilitating the best flickr light-painting group called ‘light junkies’ to doing awesome collaboration shots with us, Trevor is all over the place. Over time Trevor’s personal interest grew towards ‘normal’ photography, and as a master of light he quickly became great at it.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

“This past year has been great for me personally and artistically.  This marks the 11th year here in Japan and I have become even more settled in to life here.  I started the year preparing for a live light painting show that took place in April at the Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo.  I provided live light painting visuals to various music artists.  It went well and is something I am interested in exploring some more.  A month later, in May, I flew down to Okinawa for a extensive workshop.  It was great to be invited down for a second year in a row.  Such an inspiring place and everyone is really laid back.  September I was up in Tokyo for the filming of a TV show.  Naoya (another member of Fiz-iks) and I spent the day teaching a popular idol group how to light paint and coached them through producing a short 6 frame intro for the show.  This was spread over three 20 minute segments that aired weekly in November.  November found me traveling back up to Tokyo as I was invited by Getty Images to do a presentation on my work at an invite-only forum they hosted.  I was one of 6 presenters and it provided me a great opportunity to network with others from around the country.  Finally, I am currently wrapping up they year by writing 10 pages for a book titled “The Slow Shutter Bible” which is due to be published in April 2013 in Japan.  This past year I did not shoot as much as previous years but was able to enjoy the fruits of past labors which was extremely satisfying.

On which photograph you made in 2012 are you the most proud of?

Tourists by Trevor Williams
Tourists by Trevor Williams

I get bored really quick so I shoot many different styles and so many different cameras and mediums.  I have favorites from each of those so it is really hard to pick one to sum up the year.  This shot seems to have been well received and I think it epitomizes what 2012 was like for me.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I am really looking forward to 2013.  There will be the release of the book in April and there has been mention of having me back in Okinawa for a another workshop.  I have also recently accepted a contract with Getty Images as a contributor to their “house” collections.  I look forward to exploring where that takes me or at least a part of me.  I look forward to a much busier shooting schedule and hope I can continue to add to the momentum I picked up in 2012.”


The Hungarian Mr.Zero is the kind of artist that makes your jaw drop in wonder what kind of possibilities are possible with a spray-can in the hands of the right person. We’ve loved his work ever since we first came across it and did an interview with Mr. Zero in 2009. We’ve never lost track of his fantastic work!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

I can’t complain, 2012 was a busy year… This year I moved to a new flat, participated in a few great exhibitions, was honoured to paint a wall in the Hungarian national gallery, travelled a lot inside and outside the border, made new friendships in different parts of the world, got into the Hungarian LRG team, designed the 10th anniversary t-shirt for the Hungarian underground brand Keleti Blokk, just before the end of the year I proudly announced my first limited edition t-shirts ‘the alphabet’ under my own brand (whatever) in Kstinct , did a lot of interesting jobs and participated in the Blackduke project just to name one.

On which piece you did in 2012 are you the most proud of?

If I have to choose one it’s the painting on the Blackduke

Mr.Zero x Fatheat - Black Duke
Mr.Zero x Fatheat – Black Duke

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I hope I’ll get the half of Bill Gate’s wealth for my birthday


The first thing that drew me to Unek’s work were the girls(of course). With amazingly well executed body-graffiti, beautiful models and great photographs, ‘his’ graffiti-girls were the best-looking I’ve laid my eyes upon! On interviewing Mr.Unek in 2010 I discovered that he’s both a graffiti artist as fashion photographer, no wonder he was so good at creating and capturing body-painting. Over the years we’ve kept in touch with Unek and saw him grow out to a formidable fashion photographer.

What kind of year has 2012 been for you?

2012 has been an amazing year with lots of travels and big things that have happened. I can’t be thankful enough for all the things that have happened like painting a commercial mural for Microsoft, doing demos with Montana, 2 spotlight feature interviews on my fashion work by national fashion magazine websites, also to have an editorial featured on one of my favourite fashion photographers website, getting a chance to work with good model agencies from NYC and a 1 international agency. I can’t forget all the people I worked with this year from around the nation Thank you.

On which photo you made in 2012 are you the most proud of?

A lot of my favourite work was from this year, It’s so hard to pick! My style has chanced completely for 2012.

Brittany by Mr.Unek
Brittany by Mr.Unek

What do you want to achieve in 2013?

 For 2013 I will continue to accomplish my goal of being a fashion photographer nationally and someday internationally. I will also continue to paint as a graffiti artist. I want 2013 to have more focus on fashion editorials published in magazines,  more networking, keep working with big model agencies, my travel focus is on LA and New York this year.  I hope my presents in LA and NY will bring me more work. Let’s bring on 2013!!!


I hate to say I told you so.. No, actually I don’t, I love it! I told you that lush was going to blow up in 2012 and I was right all the way. Lush was all over the globe and interwebs this year, while haters, lovers, gallery owners, hipsters, pornstars and police were all over him. Check out the most recent interview we did with lush here (2011), check out the older interview with Lush here.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

Peaks and troughs. From fucking pornstars to being locked up for nothing. An interesting roller coaster ride.

On which piece you did in 2012 are you the most proud of?


What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

South American and European reigns of terror for 2013…

Richard Terborg

Photographer Richard terborg is nothing but high energy, positivity and kindness! I bow my head in shame we haven’t done a proper interview with Richard yet, but we do have a fantastic feature on his Route 66 road-trip you should be reading right about now. There’s not a doubt in my mind that interview will come in due time as well. Until then, keep track of Richard Terborg’s photography on Facebook.

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

Looking back at 2012, it has been an awesome year and journey. I’ve enjoyed the most epic road-trip ever, finding what I really wanted to do in life! Meeting awesome people that love what they do, and they do it like mad people! Artistically, meeting all these new people that push the boundaries of their creativity motivate me to push my own boundaries as well!

On which photo you made in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I’m not the one to brag about my work, but if I really have to highlight one it’s got to be the first picture I took when I arrived in America. We just arrived at the hotel, the sun was setting and we were about to hit down-town Chicago for the first time. After five full years of planning, prepping and saving we achieved what we wanted. It’s a picture taken with my mobile phone but it still means more to me than any other picture I took this year.

America by Richard Terborg
‘Murica! by Richard Terborg

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

In 2013 I hope to meet more awesome people that love what they do. And I hope we can continue to do what we love which is, to create!


She has ‘a box as her head, a box on her head or a head in her box‘, or so she puts it herself. Even though we haven’t done a proper feature with Boxhead yet and she traded in Amsterdam for London we still love her! Being a true multi-media artist she applies her figures to murals, canvas, jewellery, sculptures, paper toys, designer toys and whatever more you can imagine. Her figures are great in conveying emotions, something I imagine to be difficult when your characters don’t have any facial expressions! Word on the street is she’ll be doing some awesome work with Matthew Knight in 2013… Looking forward to it already!

What kind of year was 2012 for you personally and artistically?

2012 has been an absolute mad year! in the best sense of the expression, full of changes, both in my personal and my professional life. In April I moved to London from Amsterdam, where I lived for 5 years. Moving country is a hell of a change; my time in Amsterdam was amazing, Boxhead is native-dammer!, but I can only see good things and improvement, both personal and artistically since I live in London. I’ve met fantastic creative people that have been a big inspiration for me this year.

On which piece you created in 2012 are you the most proud of?

I’m still working on it! I have a week to finish this big piece on canvas that I’ve been working on for months to be considered a 2012 piece! I’m sure is gonna be my favorite one of the year. I have a series of canvases I cannot show you quite yet… so I think I’m gonna go for the huge B&W mural I painted for the Modefabriek in Amsterdam back in January. I shared with Ottograph, it was a pleasure and so much fun, we only had a day to paint 200 square meters! It was mental! I am very happy with the result and the experience.

Boxhead @ the Modefabriek
Boxhead and Ottograph at the Modefabriek, Amsterdam

What are you hoping to achieve in 2013?

I have several projects in mind, and paper, so I definitely hope to achieve those. I’m aiming to do more outdoor work, in London and other cities in Europe and the US; Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and San Diego are a must this year!

I hope to continue being inspired by London and its fabulous creative scene and to have the opportunity to share my work with as many people as possible.

The Most popular articles of 2012

Poppin’ of! Which articles did you like the most? Based on the years view-count form Google Analytics we present you with the top 10 of most viewed articles in 2012 on cfye.com. What I like about this list, is that it became a solid mix of photography and street art. There are some quality articles in there, meaning I haven’t lost faith in you lot yet ;). I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

10: Remi Rough Interview (2012)
I would’ve lost faith in humanity if this interview didn’t make the list. Besides the fact that Remi is a legend of an artist we had a great talk with Remi. A must read for anyone with a love for the arts

9: Dara Scully (2012)
Dara Scully has created such an enchanting fantasy-world with her photography that everyone wants to live there. Birds, deer and bears all pose for her like she speaks with them. She does it so well you don’t even think of the Photoshop work that must’ve gone into it!

8:  NustyR – Touch the sky (2011)
This is one of my favorite articles we’ve got on CFYE, period. The airplane photography of NustyR is out of this world and can’t be matched. The fact that he puts all this effort into it because of pure passion is a true inspiration to me.

7: Mario Gerth – the Ethiopian Surma (2012) tribe
What else can you say but ‘wow’ when you gaze upon the gorgeous portraits Mario Gerth made when visiting the Surma Tribe in Ethiopia. Besides the fact that Mario Gerth is a renowned explorer and photographer, the images are such a personal encounter with the Surma people that they speak for themselves.

6:  SMUG (2009)
SMUG, the graffiti artist from Glasgow, Scotland reached a huge audience in 2012! His photo/hyper realistic graffiti world can now be seen across the entire globe. In 2009 we came across the works of Smug and immediately became fans. Because of his popularity this year, our old article was well found! Too bad we never got around to doing that interview ;).

5:  Sarah Ann Loreth – Practice (2012)
365 days of selfportaits. I tried that once, and I failed. Sarah Ann Loreth has shown a lot more determination and continued to practice. Practice makes perfect…

4: Master – Graffiti from Serbia (2012)
Quality always surfaces! Even though Belgrade, Serbia is a place that has not yet been re-discovered by most of us, MASTER’s work easily transcends borders. His additions to the Serbian landscape have not gone unnoticed by you!

3: Lush still fuckin’ rules (2011)
Goddamn it! I’ve been frantically looking for that list I created in 2011 so I can say ‘I told you so’. What did I tell you? I told you that LUSH fuckin’ rules and that he would be one of the show takers in 2012. Yes it’s true, but you’ll have to take my word for it ;). Anyhow, my prophecy absolutely became true, Lush was all over the place in 2012, offending an even greater number of people. Fuck yeah!

2: QRQR (2011)
‘There’s a turd in the punchbowl, I repeat, there’s a turd in the punchbowl!’ This article is actually linked to by the Spanish version of Wikipedia on QR codes. Nonetheless, it’s a great concept and the most meaningful QR code I’ve ever encountered.

1: James Kalinda (2012)
James Kalinda’s work is f*cking amazing, and I’m glad you all thought so as well! I’m not sure if James has a great following, but what I do know is that (repeat mode on) quality always surfaces. If you ask me, the #1 spot is well deserved!